Tax Software

As an IRS authorized e-file provider, we here at 1040taxbiz take pride in offering you a user friendly software. We will go thru step by step training including entering personal information, dependents, income (W-2 to self-employment), deductions,…

Courses in this category:

Infomation tabs to you when you open the software

Keep track of your appointments

Informational and keeping in touch with the client

Where it shows printed and non-printed checks

Quick go to tools to help in preparing the return

Interview or Direct imput. Learn which is the best for you.

Paying  you up front or taking payment from refund

Making sure you have a completed invoice

Forms 8879, 1040 and state 8879 all need to be signed.

What documents are needed and how to upload them.

You have different options on printing out tax returns.

 When return is completed and ready to transmitt, you need to let us know

Unfortunately returns get rejected, how to find out the rejected code and fix.